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only $139/mth

When you start a new business you need to get yourself out there, and it can be daunting. We help you beat the tech challenges fast, and figure out what to do first to build your brand. You don’t have to go it alone. And yes, you can afford it.

$139 gets you started in April. There are 15 14 spots in the Apr. 2023 program group.

We've closed the first group but you can still get on the waiting list for the next month's launch. Your first month deposit is required.

Are You Ready to REALLY Launch Your Small Business (or Side Venture) So That You Can Start Serving Paying Clients?

Yes, we know how you can get clients via online marketing.

Here's What You'll Receive

Entrepreneur’s Edge Start Smart is designed to get your business noticed fast, while protecting you from the technical snags that delay the launch of so many new businesses.
The goal is simple: What’s the quickest way to get you making income?

Start Smart

$877 /month or $10,978 /year

$139 /month

Total Value $6288

Start Smart Plus: All That AND More Personal Coaching

$940 /month or $11,728 /year

$169 /month

Total Value $7038

PLUS the Best Bonus a New Small Business Could Get!

Total Value $4690

see examples further down this page

minimum 12 months commitment required - all prices in $USD

This is limited launch pricing. We only open a maximum of 10-15 spots per month.

Over $10,900 in Total Value!

“There's never been a program like this.”

– Karilee Orchard

Small Business Website Free

Join The Entrepreneur's Edge Smart Start Program

Simply the best way to launch a new business on a limited budget

Your Web Presence Is Necessary

Most businesses today have to show up on the web. But an effective website and social media aren’t cheap, and doing it all yourself usually means poor results and redoing it later. Instead, let’s build you a solid foundation to grow on.

87% of shoppers now begin product searches online.
– Retail Dive

New Business Support and Consulting

What If You Had Support Instead Of Getting Stuck?

There are so many ways to market a young business, but some of them aren’t appropriate and others just won’t get results. Want to know what to do first, without getting caught by the next shiny object… or just stuck in overwhelm?

Who Is This Program For?

You have, or want to have, a new business or side venture. You’re a bit (or a lot!) in overwhelm about what to do next to get cash flowing.

Probably you’re launching a service business, although some product-based businesses can work. It doesn’t matter if your business is focused on other businessesses (B2B) or consumers(B2C).

Frequently Asked Questions

Short version: 1 year commitment & be prepared to do 8 hours+ work per month to grow your business.

WHY are you offering such a good deal – especially including a website that’s worth more than the whole package?

Three reasons.

First, I really like working with startup entrepreneurs, getting them off on the “right foot.” It’s fun, and I feel like I’m really making a difference by helping others achieve the financial and location independence that I enjoy so much. I see new businesses spending too many years and dollars to get solid basics in place, and I know I can speed your path to better income generation.

Second, I’m very tired of seeing new entrepreneurs ripped off. I could rant on that for days… Fluffy courses with no actionable content and brochure websites with no SEO or conversion don’t serve you. I wanted a “no fluff” program, and since there don’t seem to be many good choices for solopreneurs, I decided to use my tech skills and my 25 years as a corporate trainer to pave a better path.

Third, I expect that most of you will see the enormous value of the program and continue your relationship with my business long into the future. This may be a bit of a loss leader in some ways, but I think the relationships, testimonials and referral business I build will be worth it. I’m going to do my best to get you making money – and I’m sure you’ll spend some of it with me in the future!

HOW are you offering such a good deal?

My company is really good at designing quality WordPress websites that have all the factors Google looks for: SEO, speed, security, the correct structural architecture. My plan is to build several designs for you to choose from, and then do basic customization. The website won’t be a custom design built from the ground up, although your site will look unique to you when done.

We have Developer licenses for quality themes, so that’s already paid for. You are going to be writing most of the content, but I’ll guide you through it. In addition, most support will be done in a group environment, so I’m hoping that economies of scale will allow me to keep doing this.

So how DO I get support?

You get your questions answered in the reference materials you’ll receive, and in the Private Facebook Group, where others can benefit from them. If your question needs to be anonymous, you can ask it via email and we’ll still answer it in the Facebook group, without using your name. Email is only for issues requiring privacy, or for true “my site is down” emergencies. And it won’t be likely to go down, because we’re building it right and using quality hosting, hack protection, and monitoring for downtime too.

What happens if I stop paying you?

If you miss a payment we’ll send you a reminder. If you are overdue over 14 days, the website we built for you will be taken down, the email will be deactivated, and there will be a $300 additional fee to move them live again. The site is not “yours” until the 12 month commitment has been met, and you agree to this by purchasing. If you don’t fulfill your agreement to stay with us for 12 months, we will pursue payment. After 12 months you’ll have to arrange to move the site if you don’t want to continue with us. See the section: What if I don’t want to continue after 12 months?

Who is this NOT for?

If you don’t want to do any work yourself, or learn new things, or you would rather dabble in get-rich-quick schemes, you need a custom-coded website, or you are already solidly established, this isn’t for you.

If you don't have the time or energy to put in at least 8 hours per month on your marketing, don't enroll.

If you don’t want to sell anything, or just want to build a vanity site, this isn’t the right fit. Please don’t take one of our limited seats from someone who really needs it – we can build you a website at a fair price - even arrange time payments on it.

Is it really such a good website?

We’re providing the perfect starter site to set most businesses up for growth. It’s extremely unlikely that you could buy a site this well-built for the just the total cost of this training program, and you certainly wouldn’t get it on monthly payments. Most web designers don’t even know how to SEO or speed-optimize a site, sadly. Those that do will be charging thousands.

And you won’t have to sweat the tech stuff – your site hosting will be provided, and your site will be updated for you, set up with hack protection, and monitored for uptime.

However, your new website certainly won’t have everything any business will ever need. This is an informational site which is structured for gathering leads for your product or service. It is NOT an ecommerce, portfolio display, membership or other specialty site. What you’ll get is your Home, About, Services and/or Products, Blog, Testimonials and Contact pages. These six pages are included in your bonus site. Actually, you’ll get 9 pages total, because we’ll include a draft Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Sitemap page. You’ll need to edit your policies to customize them for your business information. We’ll show you how.

WordPress is incredibly flexible, however, so odds are good that anything else you need can be added in the future. Talk to us and we’ll give you a quote.

How soon will my new WordPress website be launched?

Your draft site may be available within two weeks after your second payment – in other words, as early as six weeks after you start the program - but that depends on you. You will need to get your About page written (Lesson 3), get some photos and your logo to us, complete Lesson 6 on your branding, and give us time to schedule your initial private coaching session so that we’re clear on your vision for your business. Lessons 1-6 and your coaching call must be completed before we can create your website.

What happens if my website DOES break or gets hacked?

Think of us as “website insurance”. If your site ever "blows up", even if you did it... we'll restore it from backup at no additional charge as long as you continue to be part of our program. This service alone can cost you as much as this whole program when purchased separately.

Can I cancel before the 12 months is up?

You’re making a commitment here, but sometimes personalities don’t fit. It’s even possible I’ll tell you that I don’t think your business will work in our first session – I’m kind, but I’m also brutally honest if it will save my clients time and money. If you want to cancel after our initial private call, you can do so with no further obligation as long as you do so before we go to the expense of building a website for you. That means you have 48 hours after that first coaching call to email and say “I don’t want to continue”. After that, you’re committing to stick it out, do the work, and build a thriving business!

What if I don’t want to continue after 12 months?

That’s fine. What you’ll need to do is inform us at least two weeks before your final bill date, and we’ll stop the billing after your 12th month invoice. If you want to keep your website live, you’ll need to give us access to your new hosting platform by the time you want the billing stopped. You’ll need to have an “empty” WordPress installation there, and when we have access we’ll move everything over, at no charge. You will be responsible for setting up your new email. Under no circumstances will we ever take control of, or hold hostage, your domain name. That’s not how we roll. Your domain name is yours. You will lose access to the private Facebook Group and all support, of course. If you don’t move your site you will continue to be billed monthly, and we will continue to maintain & monitor your site and support & educate you through the Facebook Group.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: support (at) yournewcompany.com

Trusted By Our Clients

Here are a couple of relevant reviews.

"Karilee enabled me to take in the necessary information and steps in bite size pieces. I have a website. I have a skookum website, if I say so myself! I’m still here. My head didn’t explode and splat all over my screen.

Looking back I can see how the mountain of what I didn’t know has transformed into the mountain of what I now know."
Monica Holy
Monica Holy
"Rarely do you find a person that has the technical knowledge, never mind the marketing knowhow along with it to put together a website that can fit a new entrepreneurs, in fact any business entrepreneur's needs. Not only that, I was able to understand what I had done and am looking forward to Karilee offering her program so that I can further my knowledge to help my business grow faster."
Frank Kajda
Frank Kadja
All Built On WordPress - So You Can Expand Later!

Professional Website Examples

Your website will be clean, modern, fast, hack-resistant, SEO-optimized, hosted and maintained for you as long as you remain an Entrepreneur’s Edge Member.

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Co-working space screenshot
Construction screenshot
Sports lounge screenshot

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